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All Libertarian State Party Affiliates are encouraged to participate in the Double The LP campaign. The states that participate are likely to do better than those who do not. This is the first national campaign in a long time and we need to work together! This is a grassroots effort to really build the Libertarian Party and encourage new members to sign up as well as re-engage past members.

To be effective with this campaign, Double The LP encourages each state to do the following:

  • Setup a Campaign Page for your state
    • Connect with social media
    • Send emails
    • Add a banner to your website
  • Get members involved, help recruit Campaign Ambassadors
  • Organize events
  • Build your database – data cleansing and appending
  • Reach out to local media

Getting Setup with the Campaign Technology

Each state should set up a Campaign page for membership recruitment. Here is an example of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire:

We have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your Campaign Page, click here. If you are ready to get started with those steps, click the Register Now button below:

If you need help setting up your state's Campaign Page, please contact Brett H. Pojunis at 202.505.3606 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a time to go over the technology.

Once your Campaign Page is setup, then you can start promoting it. Review Step 3, under Create a Personal Page to learn how to connect with social media and invite people to your state's page.

Recruiting Campaign Ambassadors

The main purpose of Campaign Ambassadors is to recruit other members to utilize the Double The LP technology. To make them as effective as possible, it's helpful to walk them through the process of setting up personal campaign pages, connecting with their social media accounts and sending emails to their contacts (just like you did with your state page). The more Campaign Ambassadors a state has, the more members you are likely to attract in your state. Increasing your membership leads to:

  • A potential increase in your delegate count at the national convention (or at the very least, avoiding a decrease in your delegate count in the event that other states actively participate in this program and surpass you in the membership rankings!);
  • All new contacts delivered to your state through the monthly data dump from national;
  • Opportunity for future state memberships through the new national member contacts;
  • Increased interest in the Libertarian Party;
  • A new pool of members to find new volunteers and candidates;
  • Media attention.

We are currently looking for paid Campaign Ambassadors in all 50 states and we are ready, willing, and able to help them get started on the platform. Please send us contact information for all potential Campaign Ambassadors who:

  • Are active Libertarians in your state party;
  • You think might be interested helping with outreach to grow the party;
  • Know a lot of members in your state;
  • Have a good contact database or large network of contacts.

Organize Events

Each state should organize an event on or around October 26th. Setting up events throughout each state and inviting new people to attend will be very helpful in attracting new members! The most successful events will be those in which the state teams up with its active candidates and hosts a Double The LP, Meet The Candidates event. This creates an opportunity for one last big push to engage and motivate more voters just before the election. If the candidates with overlapping district work together, they will each bring their own supporters, and each candidate will increases their voter base while the party grows its membership!

Click here for more information on organizing an event!


Build Your Database

It's time to think outside of the box and build better databases! Each state party can dramatically increase their database by doing a few simple basic things.

Aggregate All Databases

Each state party should have the following databases:

  • National LP Data dump
  • Secretary of State Voter data
  • Their own databases (state and county)

Organize all of the databases into a single CSV (Comma Separated Value) file (viewable as an Excel document or text document). Since data gets outdated, you should have it cleansed. Going through this process will ensure that you have good data.

In addition to cleansing, you should also have your data appended (find and add) for email addresses, land lines, and mobile numbers. We have negotiated really good rates for email appending at $0.07 per record in bulk compared to over $0.14 per record from the typical vendor for an average state list! Click here to learn more:  Contact us and we can help you with this process.

Once the data is cleansed and appended, then you will have a great database with high quality contact records! You can send an email out to your full database or use the Double The LP software to send out emails, but only with cleansed data!


Local Media - Develop a Media Contact Database

Each state should develop a media contact database that will include the contact details of the publications and journalists in their state so they can send the campaign press releases to local media outlets to gain media exposure for the Double The LP campaign.

Please review the Communications Director 101 Training Series from last month for information on creating a media contcat database. The video and PowerPoint can be found here: 

Reach out to local media and try to schedule as many media appearances for leaders in your state as possible to talk about the Double The LP campaign. Also, let them know about the Double The LP - Meet The Candidates events you have planned!


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