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There is no time to waste; the Libertarian party really needs your help now!

Your involvement in this campaign will help increase the voter base of Libertarians leading to more Libertarians getting elected to office thus saving this country!

Don't delay, you can help out tremendously in literally less than 3 minutes! We invested in the best technology that will allow you to connect your social media and send emails to your contacts and more!

Using the Double The LP technology you can do the following in just 3 Minutes:

  • Send emails to your contacts
  • Post and share the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media sites
  • Send direct messages to your contacts and groups via social media

Other activities you can do in less than 3 Minutes:

  • Tell people about DoubleTheLP.Com
  • Ask friends and family to join the party
  • Make phone calls to Liberty minded friends and tell them about the campaign
  • Contact a reporter and ask them to cover this campaign 
  • Posting comments on blog sites and articles
  • Publish your own blog post/article about the campaign

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