About Double The LP

DLP Vision

The basic essence of the Double The LP Campaign is to encourage members of the Libertarian party to invite other Libertarians to join the party in effect doubling the party!  Our overall vision is to make the Libertarian Party a major political party by significantly increasing the voter base of Libertarians.  “Double The LP” campaign is just the first of many steps to make this happen. 

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Why Double The LP?

The Libertarian Party is the only Major Political Organization whose function within the liberty movement is to get liberty minded candidates elected into office to move public policy in a libertarian direction. To be able to compete with the two major parties we must grow our membership base.

Doubling our membership base would:

  • Create excitement about the growth of our party
  • Put a major accomplishment under our belt
  • Infuse the party with new activists
  • Fund more outreach projects
  • Energize current Libertarian activists 

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How YOU can Help Double The LP?

You will play a vital role in ensuring the success of the Double The LP Campaign. There are many activities you can do to help Double The LP:
  • Become a "Campaign Ambassador" by creating your own fundraising page.
  • Ask friends and family to join the party.
  • Make phone calls to liberty-minded friends.
  • Make calls to lapsed members of the Libertarian Party.
  • Send mass emails to your contact list though the "Double The LP" software platform.
  • Post the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.
  • Post comments on blog sites and articles.
  • Share the Double The LP campaign through email, social media, phone calls, and in person conversation.

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